Thursday, August 20, 2015

Paratha dan rendang

Menu for dinner
Food to relieve stress

What an exhausting day again.
Yes again.

Buku catatan I dh penuh.tak sempat beli. So i just type di sini. Jgn baca coz byk benda membebel.....

8-10am meeting with customer

10am meeting with colleague about our new program. Ada certain bhn takde so need to call x-boss. Called the big boss tegarding the issue arisen from the program. He wanted to discuss with me about our service for other department.

11am meeting with trainee who are so stubborn and slow and just ignore our warning. We have given them so many chances.

2.30pm done with approving the monitoring system. Sorting all files in the email and folder to ease the hand over of my previous task to my replacement. However there still certain colleague who didnt submit the requested material. Grrrr...dh jadi kerja contact sorang2.

4.30 discuss with the customer about their upcoming event/program. Sometimes certain group of people just think about their group and assume that the other group never exists and never inform and let them join the activities. This is totally unfair and I can't tolerate with this situation. Pity to that other group who always feel left out. So I listed 3 things that the first group should do.....haha baru ada akal. Tergigil2 ko cakap....

 As expected they just ignore my instruction that they supposed to submit their work at 11am today. So I gave them another chance by 5pm. But still ignored it. So I have to ask the clerk to send the warning email that they should send everything to me by 11am friday.
Went to see my big boss. This other dpt is so ungrateful. We have to reshuffle our plan just to accomodate their request and what we got is their complaint. It seemed that someone is holding a grudge over our department. Buang tabiatkah pakcik???  As a consequence of their complaint, I have to find a replacement. Unfortunately these people argue that they it is over their working hours. Oh me....please ease my work....

6.30 balik la.....awal lah tu. Normally around 7pm.
Otak tepu...badan lesu....

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