Friday, July 22, 2016


I do not understand why certain people are too demanding.
When we are given A, then choose A1 or A2.
Why request for B???

When we explain that is contribution from someone
Why wanna buzz like a bee?
If you want it, just TAKE IT
If you do not want it, just LEAVE IT
If only a few people do not want it, does it means all people do not want it?
If you are not sure about it, stop speaking on behalf of others just for your sake.

Yes, it is our right to request
Yes, no harm in giving suggestion
Even I am not comfortable
And it gonna be an embarrasment for me
Yes, I am willing to deliver their suggestion to him
But, we should know the real situation
It was someone courtesy to contribute to us even though we never help him on that task.
Luckily there is someone who understand what my point is. So I better not proceed with my intention

When we explain about it...
Why wanna blaim us for not giving this info right from the start?
Did you ask about it?
Why wanna blaim us for misunderstanding ?
As always....there are two bees who keep on giving pressures to me....
Owh I forgot they are angels 😂😂😂😂.

Update 9am:
You see...actually many people want it 😅😅😅
Hey wait!!!! Certain bees suddenly want it too.
And without a shame another bee buzzing again
...errr dont you understand?
You know it, but still wanna create another issue in the morning.
Why keep on making suggestion?
Why is it just like my intention that has been dropped out?
Why we wanna bite the hand that feed us?
As what my friend said, just ignore it...
Ok...chapter closed.
Ko tak reti nak pi keroje ke?

Eh pun tak settle lagi.
One of the busy bee made a demand again 😅
After so much hulabaloo without shame you want it too
Isn't it better if you just follow the requirement right from the start
Then, you demand to see the prototype
Even up to the extend of contacting my PA
La...u never stop
It just small task, but it become an issue due these 4 bees 😅😅

I love them
Sometimes they really supportive
Sometimes they make my life difficult 😅😅

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