Saturday, September 1, 2018

Bila ke Pasar pada Hari Merdeka

Happy Indepence Day Malaysia 😍😍...
Yes...I know...
It was yesterday...
But still in the celebration mode kan

So what did I do on the public holiday?
No Not balik kampung after one week leaves 😅😅😅😅

First I went to Bank Islam
To transfer and withdraw money
Since, the market is very near
So I just went there even though not in my plan 😅...

I bought these for RM9.90...

Very expensive huh
The RM9 is for petai which is not in the picture.

Agak2 nak masak apa dengan bahan gini?

Then I went to Maybank to deposit cash.
Yelah...mana tak kalut
Loan instalment+unit trust payment around RM3k
Tapi duit dlm akaun less than that 😅...
Pulak tu ada hati nak beli Lofar Bag 😉😉😉

On my way home I bought nasi lemak sotong

Rasanya biasa je but I guess harga berpatutan
RM8.50 for nasi lemak sotong+telur mata
+ bungkus rendang ayam seketul...

Bila dah kenyang makan....
Hmm...rehat sakan sampai ke malam 😊

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