Sunday, September 16, 2018

Aku dan Customer : Out of the box

##My Wednesday...
Banyak things to do
Pagi proceed with documents checking for part 2
Lewat pi ofis
Ada appointment 11-12pm
Hangin gak bila dah beri all info
Boleh lak ditanya nak jumpa di mana

I set up whatsapp group for consultation work
Hish banyak soal pulak
Awat ko nak save my numbers kan.
Then off I went to buy food
And fill car fuel
Here was my favourite lunch..

Talapia bakar...

Around 1pm
My friend came
And gave perfume and tupperware as my birthday present 😍😍😍

Around 2pm
My ex customer came unexpectedly
He is interested with our second program
So need to explain to him about it

I got several appointmrnts after 4pm
I just wonder why when it is a team work but the outcome seems like individual work...
Obviously NO EFFORT
Lack of research and creativity
No sign of think out of the box
As well as trying to do their task properly....
I can be the advisor or the consultant

When I checked the record I noticed that my senior customer still has not completed her package.
Need to remind her.
I even noticed that the customer who no longer with us is still in my list.
So need to tell my second boss to solve this problem ASAP.

I went home late.
I had these internal organs for dinner 😂

I just have a rest at home.
 I was too tired to do the documents checking task 😰.

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