Monday, September 17, 2018

Aku dan customer: pyscho

##My Thursday....
I was late for my 10am appointment
As a consequence my second appointment was delayed for 30 minutes...
A bit ashamed with this...
I supposed to set a good example

Then I rushed to a meeting
Quite happy to see the change of attitude of certain people...

Guess what??
Something unacceptable happened as I was about to start the meeting.
It made me leave the meeting for a while.
Because of the message from a psychco customer

For 1.5 months he just ignored my reminders thru letters, messages and phone call.
Definitely there are procedures
And we are obligue to term and conditions
So I have made the necessary actions in this kinda problem.

A months ago this customer meet our boss asking for consideration
But I did not get any formal info about the boss decision.
My Head of Unit (HOU) did not tell me anything
Hello if you busy with your outside work
Make sure you got info from your meeting representatuve and convey it to all staf...

Last week the clerk asked me about the customer..
Apparently this customer's family member wrote a complaint letter to top managemrnt blaiming our department 😠
So the top management wanted to know my actions.
Definitely I have to follow the procedure and submit related docs.

The clerk contacted this customer he said he wanna come this week.
But if he came he gonna cause more trouble
I quite annoyed with my HOU coz he didnt reply my message when I asked him about what exactly our department decision on this customer

And out of sudden this customer dared to contact me this week after a long silence
Telling me that he on his way to meet me
and join my program 😠😠😠
Hello it was too late...

To make matter worst
He just ignored my respond
He asked me to give any related document
and he will attend the last session of the program on october...
Is he insane???
Who does he think he is???
Do not follow the procedures
And he expect us to do everything as what he wants
I was too angry to deal with this kinda person
So just asked him to meet my second boss

I told my HOU about this.
And asked him whether he told the boss that this customer is coming...
I have already submitted the docs to penalize him and the other two customers.

Then I contacted my second boss
He asked me to withdraw my penalty due to the customer's lwtter to management
That is unfair to the other two customers
And against the procedures and work integrity
Why must we be afraid?
Custiomer is not always right!!!

No matter how stress I was on this issue
Makan itu perlu...
Tinggal lauk protein je tanpa sayur...
Makan je la...sedap juga rendang tu.

I got meeting at 2pm
At first it was a fun meeting
Let everbody talk
But towards the end it turn upside down when half of them said they can't come for next meeting...
Why did they only tell me on that day...
Why not earlier?

Once back to my office
I told my second boss to get the top management decision before meeting that psycho customer.

Around 5pm
I was shocked...
The psycho customer came unexpectedly
And yes with his obsessive, possesive and overprotective mum...
An adult and his mum ?
I can expect they gonna say
Oh! No!!!!
What I gonna do???

I could handle them calmly...
No matter how I want to scream at them
I can control myself 😅😅😅😅
Yup it was too late...
But as expected buat2 tak faham ...
And ask for consideration
But why didn't my customer contact me all this while?
His mum answered coz takut 😰
Now tak takut pulak.
Owh sebab clerk tanya bila nak datang?

His mum asked me about the program weightage
She also asked about the min requirement to complete it..
I asked her what is her job
She said biasa-biasa je...
Hah! Terkejut bila I cakap cikgu kan
So I turned to my customer where can he can get that info?
Ko dah lama with us takkan tak tahu 😠😠😠

The mum blaiming the department for not informing them ASAP...
I asked the son who is his consultant
And he admitted that he has discussed this with his consultant.
So he has already known about that...
Why put the blaim on us?

The mum talked about the transport budget etc
If that so why did you come as well?
Hello do you think we are stupid?
Makcik janganlah jadi penipu ya...
Dahlah buat anak mcm budak2...
Nak didik anak ko jadi penipu?
Camnalah ko didik anak orang ek???

Malas nak layan...
I told them I have made all the necessary actions
So I can't say anything anymore
Let the department made the decision
I advised my customer to learn his lesson
If anytthing settle it ASAP
and keep in touch instead of keep quiet

I called the coordinator about this unexpedted meeting.
She actually was asked to make a report on him...
I told my HOU and second boss about this meeting...
Later that nite my HOU gave respon to my message..
He has done several necessary actions

I was too tired with all these
I slept early that nite...

Owh here was my dinner...
Fish curry+fried egg plants+sambal hijau

##On friday
I wake up around 12am
And started with my document checking for part 3 and 4.
I slept before 5am..

Around 7am
I continue with doc checking
At 8am I cooked fried rice for brekky

Gunakan sambal hijau+eggplant+telur je...

I got several appointments starting from 10.30am...
Even though they are customers
Sometimes we need to be firm too
They should respect our time as well
Contacting me at night?
As early as 7am?
Asking whether I am free?
Ada ke orang pi keroje tak buat keroje
Dah tu mesej sebutir2...
Cakaplah terus nak set time pukul berapa
Bila masa ko tak available
So senanglah I set the appointment
Lepas tu kalau datang bersama team mate sekali
Communicate each otherlah
Ni tak ...
Sorang set 10am
Sorang set 10.30am 😠😠

Tiba2 my second boss kata ada adhoc meeting at 4.30pm about the physcho customer
But I got meeting from 3-5pm 😰

Here was my lunch

Makan laju2....
Continue with my document checking
Alhamdulillah it was done by 2.30pm
Walaupun berpinar mata 😀

Dah lewat barulah solat zuhur
Sempat buat solat hajat regarding that physco
May Allah ease everything for us and protect us from the unethical matters

At 3pm
As I was rushing to the meeting
I stopped by at senior staf office
Asked her opinion regarding the issue
Yup! She highlighted on being fair...

Alhamdulillah the 3pm meeting went well
We discuss about the document that I have checked as well as other staf...
But I end the meeting 20mins earlier
So that I can join the adhoc meeting

As expected...
The customer and his mother gave so many excuses...
What? The son understanding not the same as us?
What we are in 40s and 50s?
Satu backing anaknya
Kedua pandai2 libatkan umur kami
Tuanya kami kan
Oklah nanti I makan collagenlah
Supaya nampak muda 😉😉😉
Habis anak tu budak lagi ke?
Bawah 21 tahun ke ? 😂😂😂
What? Tak sempat?
Habis 2 hari buat apa?
What? Tiada komputer?
Melambak cc you...
What? it costed a lot?
Habis yg ko datang sekali apahal
What? Need to bring many things?
Macam2 ada?
Habih tadi kata susah nak sediakan dokumen
What?we don't understand their problem?
What? Susah cari side income?
Memang dah cari ke?
Who is our customer actually?
Why must the mother interfere? 😅😠😰

They asked for consideration previously
And they got it
However they broke the promises
And yet they even dare to ask for another condideration
But kept on blaiming and accusing us  😅
They kept on asking the same question and asking for consideration
And the boss have to keep on explaining and givung justifications
Pusing2 ke situ gak...

Luckily the boss was so patient in handling this matter
And suggesting the best solution for all
However at one time she seemed to lose her temper and said that she has given them lots of consideration and yet they are blaiming and accusing us
So take it or leave it.
Hah! Terkejut ke makcik

Yelah siapa tahan
Si anaknya sangatlah sopan dan lembut tutur kata
Tapi degil macam maknya 😅
Si emak kejap raise her voice tone down..
Psycho sungguh dua beranak ni

My boss last words were good to the son
Be mature
Be independent
Pity the mother

Alhamdulillah the boss are on my side
Thank you Allah for answering my prayer
Hopefully this matter will settle soon

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