Sunday, May 1, 2011

Butter prawn

Sila abaikan minyak yang segantang tu ya begitu juga telur urai yang tak menjadi ;))

I cooked this last Friday-a very special day of 29/04/2011. What is so special about this date? Come on, I am sure that you mengadap depan tv watching the Royal Wedding dalam mode kagum dan berangan (macam saya :P)
Aku start tunggu depan tv pukul 5pm. Tapi pelik kenapalah baru nak bentang red carpet and bosan giler menanti. Bila check tenet barulah tau upacaranya at 8pm OZ hehehe.

Please click image for source.


  1. oh i pya butter prwn pun tak jadi..lagi lah tak ctk!! tapi rasa tu makan kena pejam mata hehe

  2. kita cuba lagilah ya hehehe,,,,,apa-apa pun sedap jugak kan

  3. butter prawn mengancam...pengantin baru pun mengancam...semuanya mengancam dan terancam lah...hehehe....akak tak pernah lagi buat butter prawn kat rumah, nak try lah nanti....

  4. Hi Fairylily, wow! Love that butter prawn. Looks delicious. Might be a problem eating that.
    Why? Because one in the mouth must add another one, then another, ha ha.
    My wife woke up at 5am to watch that royal wedding.
    She took day off from work too.
    And only day before bought that 'Hello' magazine with the pics of the wedding.

    Me...I just glanced on an off at the TV....but I sure like Kate's younger sister, 'Pippa'....she's alluringly beautiful. The papers are now mentioning about maybe another royal wedding as Harry making eyes at her, ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Hi FairyLily, happy mother's day.
    Best wishes.