Friday, May 27, 2011

Lawak bersih and kotor : Part 2

Please refer Part 1 if you are confuse of what's going on here hehehe. When housemate B came home at around 5pm and see another 2 notices near her notice, she said that she didn't write that, but she took from the internet. irresponsible? Doesn't matter where is it comes from. But you shouldn't really just take anything from the internet without fully understand it. In fact who choose that? who put up the notice ? Then, I collected the hairs and swept the bathroom floor and wrote the green words.

which is

I also wrote this
I have collected lots of hair, hope that I will not have to do it again.

I did these with the intention to make everyone at ease. So, my clean freak housemate will be happy to see the clean floor and my not so clean housemate will not repeat her rival purposely. In fact as a reminder that they know this is sharing accommodation. If they do not ever border about other people, why they chose to live here.....whatever......

Then I went upstairs to my room and saw this letter.

I think housemate B wrote it before seeing my green writing. After reading her letter, I feel bad and went down to see housemate B apologising if I hurt her feeling. We express our feeling and later we hug each other :). However, she she prefer not to have that meeting to avoid any further embarassment if we fight each other during the meeting. But I said it would be for the best to have the meeting and we shouldn't blame each other whatsoever. In fact another housemate J also prefer to have the meeting, just to discuss the general issue.

Housemate B also put up another copy of that letter next to my notice in the bathroom.

But suddenly, there are additional sentences on that letter hehehe...........may be she change her mind after reading my green words and may be she thought that housemate S wrote that green words. So, I wrote this message

All these happen on wednesday-25/05/2011. This morning two days after that, housemate J said she wonder why no one come to the meeting. I said to her it suppose to be at nite. So we both check the notice. Yup, it is at 9pm not 9am. She said that she won't be around tonite. Ya, I know it's her clubbing nite. So, I just said that maybe it would be better if we wait until housemate M come back from her data collection. That would be on june. So, I told another housemate A, we just have to cancel the meeting, since housemate J won't be around. You know what???? Housemate A also said that she also can't make it. Come on guys. That's why I just suggested the time. If you cannot make it or know you won't be around why not say so earlier and suggest the time that suits you....Hmmm another two uncaring people...I had enough with you guys-housemate B and S about cleanliness issue, housemate J and A about the meeting issue and housemate M who likes to complain about everything. It's really annoying. But I try not to think about that because I have more important thing to do. Let's have this spicy fried beehoon for lunch today :)

Sedap pulak my beehon nih-bahan/cara : tumis bawang besar and garlic, letak cili serbuk, tomato sos, sos cili Aminah Hassan dan kicap. Dah pecah minyak,baru letak beehon dan garam, masukkan sawi, ketepikan dan pecahkan telur. 1-2 minit lepas tu gaul la and siap :P.
Since we have to cancel the meeting, I can also watch the last episode of OPRAH show tonight :)).............

Update 11:50pm;
Housemate J, A and B knew that we have to cancel the meeting except the clean freak housemate S. But I just wonder why she came back at 9.45pm even though she didn't know about the cancelation of the meeting. Not even a single message or call from her. The funny things were housemate J and A who said that they won't be around at 9pm came back around 9pm and 10pm, respectively. It make think whether they cannot attend the meeting or they do not want to have a meeting. If they do not want to have a meeting just say so. If they can't attend the meeting, just suggest the time that suits them. As simple as that. Even though I try not to think about this, but it make me really dissapointed....:(

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  1. kesian fai, akak nampak kat sini u je yang bersungguh2 nak solve problem, yg lain2 tu just tak ambik peduli je. susah lah kalau duduk ramai2 ni kan, masalah kebersihan ni mmg tak boleh nak buat diam. hati pun sakit...sabar je lah ye dik...