Monday, May 23, 2011

Rasa ingin ku campak si dia itu !!!

Hari sabtu baru ini, si dia buat hal lagi. Siapa dia??? Siapa lagi???

Jika selama ini hanya stop at the beginning of spin-dry mode, tiba-tiba kali ini stop 1-2 minutes after starting the wash mode. Siapa tak hangin once you go downstairs to take supposedly washed clothes, only to find out that the machine got stuck at wash mode. So kena set sekali lagi the timer to wash mode. Not once, but several times. And of course bila wash mode dah ok, spin dry mode pulak problem kan. As on saturday i still can be patient thinking that it may due to unbalanced wash load because of my bed sheet and thick table cloth. But on sunday I turned green because I washed only a few clothes. It was really annoying and wasting my time grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............................Therefore I immediately made a report again. So if the maintenance guys cannot find out what cause the problem or repair that bloody rusty machine, they better buy the brand new one or else I just dispose that machine.

Tapi camnolah aku nak buang washing machine yang besar gedabak ni kan.

Belum sempat ku buang this washing machine, si maintenance guy dah buang dulu hehehe. Tak sia-sia aku buat 3 kali report within one week. Dan hasilnya of course the new one hehehe.

They installed it this morning. Tapi biasalah orang lain yang penat-penat complain, orang lain yang rasmikan...nyampah!!!!!!!! I like this wasing machine because it has hand wash mode hehehe. Si maintenance guy dah set up / fixed the program.

So janganlah ada sesape nak pi adjust pulak hehehe. We just have to choose the wash mode and press the start button. Tapikan aku dah torai hand wash mode tuh, aiyoo tak bersihlah. Huhuhu memang kena betul2 hand wash sendiri jugak. Anyway, syukur Alhamdulillah no more stress because of the rusty machine :)....

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