Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sempoi dinner

I went to city yesterday afternoon. Bila pi priceline tengok ada barang murah hehehe. Boronglah apalagikan. Nanti je lah aku buat entri pasal barang tu ;)).

This is my dinner- chicken crackles, ricotta cheese etc....last nite.

Macam tak sesuai je for dinnerkan. Lapar giler coz I didn't had my lunch due to in hurry for shopping hehehe. My friend already had her lunch, and I think it is not nice of me having my lunch somewhere while my friend bored of waiting. So, definitely I was starving...serve me right for not having early lunch.

Actually I only slept at 2.40am that morning. Definitely not in dreaming mode of the royal wedding. Tapi sibuk survey and surf tenet for my project with friends. Punyalah aku dok buat benda tu since 11pm. Sesudahnya my friends not even say thanks and appreciate with what I have done, in fact look down on it...siap kutuk tuh. I don't know whether I can survive with them when the day come huhuhu...

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