Monday, July 24, 2017

Too late

While I was a coordinator for a program two years ago,  I have developed certain calculation  system using excel.

Last year I planned to develop it properly and registered it to get the copyright. I even planned to make as android application.

I have totally forgotten about it until something came up this weekend. Thus, I planned to get the fund to upgrade that system and collaborate with IT friend as well as to attend a special course on developing android application.

And tonite I really surprised and dissappointed to know that certain party has grabbed that issue immediately and just launched the similar system as what I planned yesterday 😭.

No matter how upset I was...I have to accept was not meant for me. Thing happens for a reason. Life must go on.

I learnt my lessons....
##whenever I am thinking of something I should do it ASAP to avoid any regret
##God punish me instantly if I did bad deeds.

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