Saturday, July 29, 2017

Plan for your future

My friend came to my office yesterday. Once done with the work discussion she told me she gonna attend a course about plants today. She has already planted 30 of that plants in her 7 acre land. It is part of her retirement plan in 8 years time other than producing fertiziler and contributing to charity. What else she wanna do...she is not into bussiness, she not into shopping and in 3-5 years time his sons may have finished study...I really impressed with her future plan. What about me? Any plan? Chit chatting with her is really a wake up call to me. I should start to have plan. If I want somwthing I should write it down and spesifically mention in my prayer like that famous blogger does. I really respect her with all that beneficial sharing.

Anyway...Then, I checked my trainee customer reports and sent my comments to them.

It has been a while that I had lunch together with friends. Normally I just ordered the delivery food and eat in the office or bought food and eat at my home. So, when suddenly I got the opportunity to had lunch with friends yesterday i really thankful and really enjoy it. I really miss all these. Last time we used to had morning break and lunch together.

Once back at the office, I checked a workshop paperwork. The problem with certain junior colleagues they have no respect towards their senior or superior. They just proceed on somwthing without any discussion or approval.

When it was already 5pm and my head felt heavy and I can feel tension at the back of my neck...Off I went home and having this cooling red velvet...

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