Friday, May 20, 2016

Nak habis cepat

Bila nak cepat, ada je yg banyak soal
Awat datang lambat
Terpaksa ulang lagi

Bila nak cepat, ada je yang kecoh
Pertikai itu, pertikai ini
Habis kalau dah orang atas kata A
Sebaik mana kata BCD kita pun
Sebijak mana hujah EFG kita
Tetap mereka nak A
Maka daripada buang masa bincang dan buat B-Z
Buat jelah terus A.

Self Reflection for today:
I should be calm and patient.
Control my temper
Do not get angry easily
Explain things clearly and nicely
Justify my point properly
Do not ignore others
Take into consideration when people suggesting something
Practise the YES but NO politely
Listen carefully when people is explaining something to avoid any misunderstanding and argument
Get everyone involve not to burden certain people only
Try to do certain things quicky
Do not postpone my work
Do not too dependent on others
Show appreciation n give credit when people give cooperation

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