Friday, May 27, 2016

Nampak tua

Pasrah je lah when someone said the above word to me this morning 😅.
Terkejut ada
Bengang ada
Whether he only made a joke
Or he really meant it
Perlu terima coz it's the reality.

Tu belum lagi when he see me wearing this.

Maybe from makcik to nenek looks huh?

Does the pic looks like the viral art prank? 😉😉

Pssst....the  glasses came with this hamper as well.
Rezeki jangan ditolak. Tu kisah semalam lah 😀.

As usual life at work is hectic. 
Meeting with trainees. 
Continue with yesterday disscussion.
Supervise the decoration task.
Preparing documents for next week monitoring...
Certain of it are no where to be seen
I have to go through all emails from august last year.
And print them.
A bit dissapointed when my colleague making decision without even consult with me first.
No progress update or report.
Sometimes I feel they just ignored me
Am I too concern?
Do not trust others?
Who should make a report to the superior?
Who should prepare a token for a visitor?

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