Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bila ada niat itu

Menu for break my fasting...

Tak kuasa nak rotate gambo 😂😂😂
Konon je air n fries...the big fat burger are not in the pic.

Someone gave me kfc box for lunch. But I was fasting today. I packed roti jala, leftover from the discussion session. Suddenly I felt like to give it to someone...anyone. But once I got out the lift to the lobby there is no one suitable to give out to. Alhamdulillah rezeki mat motor at the porch.

Rasa happy bila tengok orang happy. 
Really make my day after a long, hectic and annoying day.

I attended a one day discussion session to prepare a document for our new project today...or should I say brainstorming session to find bombastic words and mission to find supporting data. After lunch break I made a call to someone at other unit asking for certain document. A bit annoyed when their unit didn't follow the procedure even though they need our service. The staff was so rude...didn't admit their mistake but blaimed me instead and gave lots of excuses. wonder he still at that post after 16 years. I have no intention to look down on others...hmm..that is the fact.

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