Sunday, May 1, 2016

When to do list is only a list

Happy Labour Day....

Macam biasa sebelum bebel, kita tunjuk gambar food

That was food for lunch today. Moist grilled chicken+guacamole+grilled eggplant n carrots. That chicken was a leftover from my Kenny Rogers dinner 2 weeks ago. I just added the frozen ikea cream sauce as gravy for the chicken. I used limau kasturi instead of lemon for the guacamole..dah itu je yang ada...

What is the title of the post all about?

Well my initial plan was to do my evaluation task on friday night,  prepare certain documents and to complete my files in office in saturday morning and go back to hometown in the afternoon. However, I did nothing on friday nite. As a resut, I planned to do the evaluation task on saturday morning, postponed the office work to the afternoon and back to hometown this morning. But, it really hard to get up once I got stucked on the sofa. So, for today I planned to do house chores in the morning and go back home after zuhur prayer. But, once done with hanging clothes to dry, cleaning and tydying up my kitchen n fridge ...I stopped for brekky. Suddenly I found myself laze around watching recorded Maharajalawak. Finally I ended up planning to go back home tommorow. Feeling guilty, so I cleaned the living room and family area, sorting bills and receipts. After lunch, now I am back on my comfy sofa ....oppps....So, hopefully I am strong enough to go to the office around 3pm today and complete my evaluation task before going back home tommorow morning.  

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