Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bila lambku rentung ...

Tu menu last nite ...
Rentung pada rupa, tapi rasa tetap ok. Cuma mgkin dah dekat sebulan dibeli, kali ini rasa perapan tu kureng ...Sayuran hijau tiada, so guna jelah saki baki carrot dan mushroom in can.

Tengoklah menu sarapan pagi sabtu tak sedar diri...
Leftover kfc fried chicken n pizza hut chicken drummet...

But the fried chicken was so fulfilling. I ended up eating the drummet for lunch. Yesterday is lazy day ....I didnt do anything except washing clothes and cleaning kitchen.

So, this morning I gotta lots of things to do. Checking my trainee work for 2 hours, washing clothes, cleaning my living room and dining area as well as the porch. Later, I got discussion with my trainee and went to check my friend's house and cleaned her porch.

And from 1-3.30pm I just lying down on the sofa. Too tired to do anything, pain in arm and I got headache.

Hope that I manage to mop the floor and fold my long abandon piles of clothes. Owh...update the document for new project as well.

Update 8pm:
Did I mop the floor?
Did I fold my clothes? friends came to visit 😅.
So will try to update the new project document.
Now kekenyangan mkn sotong+bihun+2 glases of mango n dragon fruit juice.
Lagi 1 jam Clever Malaysia.
Dissapointed to see the sabahan n malacca girl out of the competition.
So, really hope that those who never out of the competition will win...Mary and Jane? Not my favourite...but hey deserve it...they survive from the beginning to the end, not those who been out and back due to people voting....
Really clever or people choice???
Clever girl or Lucky girl?

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