Saturday, February 15, 2020

Cat, nasi kak wok, kepok lekor and me

Series of cat and me at home are nothing new
But at my workplace it kinda new

when I arrived at the office foyer
Suddenly the fierce looking kitten ran after my nasi kak wok 😅
A phobia me was really in panic mode
Just imagine I just stood still while swinging the nasi kak wok plastic bag away from the kitten
But definitely later I felt dizzy when I have to spin around when the kitten kept on chasing my nasi kak wok

The kitten kept following me wherever I went
So the series of chasing and spining happened several times
Then only I thought of swinging my handbag at it
No!!! I didn't hit it
Just to kept it stop from chasing my nasi kak wok
And even raised my voice to stop it
It even wanna follow me when I got into the lift
Again my handbag was my saviour

No one came to help me
They just laughing at me, smiling or just ignoring me
Hello this was not a joke
I was really upset
I guess they don't know people who afraid of cat do exist
It is called ailurophobia

In the evening
When I was about to leave the building
It happened again
This time the kitten chased after my kepok lekor
I acted fast and swing my handbag to it
And hurriedly left the building 😅😅😅

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