Monday, October 29, 2018

My weekend+1day: Food and Movies

Well, that was how I described my weekend 😅...

On saturday
I had mee kari that I bought on Tuesday for lunch and dinner

On Sunday
I cooked plain sambal for lunch
Kept 3 quarter of it.
A quarter of it I add eggs.
And here was my lunch...

Spicy scrambled egg and fried tempeh

On Monday
Barulah terhegeh kemas downstairs and washed my clothes...
When I was in rajin mode ...suddenly I got migraine attack 😰

I bought fish curry and veges for lunch.

For dinner I cooked sambal ikan tenggiri.
I just fried the fish and later cooked it in the sambal pasted that I prepared on Sunday.

Here was the list of my weekend movies and drama series 😅...
1. The cured
2. A stranger outside
3. Win a date with Tad Hamilton
4. The wrong bed: naked pursuit
6. Nerve
7. Viral
8.Lelaki kiriman tuhan
9. Cik Reen Encik Ngok ngek
10. She was pretty
11. Love by 10th date

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