Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sumbat semua utk 2 hari

On thursday morning
As expected our ex staff told me that he have to prepare the budget 😅...
He was helping our clerk...
Hmm...when the boss is away and busy with his external work, he asked the clerk to do the budget
Then his allowance should be given to the clerk lah kan
Because she has to do the projection
As well as the budget...

I was really in awe with our ex staff kindness
He can be selfish when people did not appreaciate him
But of course that is not him...
Just ignore how the top people treated him
And help a friend in need

Later I rushed to my workplace for decoration task
Paste and move here and there
When working with OCD people
Everything should be done to perfection 😅😰

I had ordered food for lunch
But there was barely touch fried noodle in the meeting room...
And the office clerk invited us to eat it
So I just had that noodle for lunch
And keep my lunch food for dinner 😀

After lunch hour
I applied for the overdue claim
But...where is the hotel receipt?
They didnt give any 😭...
And I didnt ask them...
Ok think! Think...
How about agoda transaction?
Luckily found it in my email.
But...where is the e-receipt?
Where is the submit button?
Around 5.30pm I tried to chat with Agoda agent
Have to wait for a while 😰...
Luckily the agent responded to my message
After my explanation he sent me the e-receipt.
Alhamdulillah ...
Owh need to write  a show cause letter for the overdue claim.
Hope they accept my explanation and apology...

Owh! I received email for another list of committee member
Why they did not give it all together as requested last time?
I hate to do task repetitively where we can actually do it in one go...
Whatever it is just be positive...
They have their own reason kan

Once back at home
I had nasi Arab for dinner...

On friday
I reached office quite late
Then I submitted the overdue claim

I had this food for lunch

Then I had an appointment at 3pm
How la ???
Seemed like my customer is confuse
That is why she should come and see me regularly...

Around 4pm
The boss called me
He asked my opinion who should be in charge for the senior customers program...
Easy peasy lah...
Definitely the current and ex coordinator...
Eh! What???
You asked the ex staff to do the budget?
I heard it differently on thursday 😂😅

For dinner I had satay with its side dish

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