Friday, October 5, 2018

Bila berhenti di RnR

On thursday morning
I scrambled through previous reports
To prepare for the outside meeting
Then off I went for outstation

For the second time I was late
I arrived 2 minutes before the meeting started
And did not manage to see their boss first
That was still ok
But I cannot brain when the staff brought me to the wrong venue...
After the long walk from parking lot
And after climb up the stairs
Only to find that no one is there
Didnt she know where it suppose to be

Then, I had to go back to the parking lot
And drove my car further up the hill
I was really nervous while driving because the path is very narrow and steep ....
Luckily the meeting have not started yet
Alhamdulillah the first session meeting went well
Better than the previous one...
I mean on how they conducted the meeting
They really make full use of the recent technology
And even how the attendees participate
But the input should be improve
However the second session meeting quite a dissapointment...
Yup...when people do not show effort to improve after my comments and suggestions...

I was really starving hungry on my way back
So I stopped by for lunch at the RnR
Definitely I had the nasi arab set...

The lamb is tender and yummy
But next time I gonna ask for more gravy...
Owh! I packed this kari telur ikan

And kari sotong as well....

Hmm...what else?
Terayaki chicken popia too 😂😂😂

Not only that....
I bought these too 😅😉😍

I was craving for jambu madu as well
But the price is ridiculous...
RM1 increment within one month?
From RM15/pack or RM28 for two packs
to RM16/pack or RM30 for two packs
Cekik darah sungguh

Once back at home
I just had a rest
Due to migraine 😵....

Did not know how to react
Shock, confuse or feel funny
When the boss, HOU sent message to me at me
Asking for the audit time frame
It just around the corner
And he didn't even know about that
Who is the boss?
Who suppose to know about this?
This is the result of  letting others doing ALL  the work...
Yes...a leader should/can delegate certain task to the staff...
But he should take note on important things if not fully involve and in charge...

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