Friday, August 11, 2017

avocado and egg for brekky

Well this was my brekky yesterday

Today back to apple and natural yogurt, but without strawberry 😀.

Harini kena cepat pi office nak tunjuk bahan to colleagues and print for a program tommorow.
Tapi masih dok masih menulis blog 😂😂😂.

Semalam pulun updating material for customer evaluation.
Then, listed things to do for the new one.
3.20-4.30 pm, I discusssed the list with him, reminded him of many things and showed him how to use the admin system....
Alhamdulillah...I managed to hand over almost 95% of the task to him...lega.
Habih tu second boss suruh beri briefing to the new one whevener I am available. Tapi apa yg terjadi I pula yg tanya bila nak jumpa, suppose yg baru dtg mengadap yg lama. Ni i yg terhegeh2 tanya n he even expect me to come to his one busy sangat kot 😉😉😉.
I pun dah malu dok send things related to work in whatsapp group...dah ada new one awat ko nyibuk lagi kan....but orang mana tau what exactly happened.

Once back to office, I got the response from the officer regarding my enquiry email last saturday. Since he and the boss just kept quiet.. so on thursday morning I sent WA message to him asking whether they plan to refuse doing anything about it or giving response....I was grateful that finally he replied my message. Even though he replied stating that he is preparing the official respond, it seems that they just wanna give respond without any further action....Anyway I am still hoping for the best and hope that I got my right....Amin.

I came across a quote yesterday... it is something like...
"Tak perlulah tertekan mencari jalan penyelesaian...solatlah, mengadu kepada Allah"....

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