Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Good morning...
Let us have brekky

Sesiapa yg baca this blog mestilah realise I dok membebel berkeluh kesah pasal kerja. Maafla menyesakkan pemikiran uols je...Eh!tapi ada ke orang baca this boring blog 😅? Ada rupanya ...terima kasih ya kepada yg baca dan komen.

Actually I love my job. Biasalah membebel bila kerja banyak dan mengejar due date. Bila siap memang happy dan bila hasilnya baik memang berasa puas hati.

Tapi bila pegang post lagilah bertambah kerja selain pening dealing with people with different kind of attitude and behaviour.

Once it ended definitely I happy. Unfortunately it did not end as what it supposed to be and as what we have discussed. Definitely I feel unhappy, upset, unappreciated and all these totally unfair to me after what I have done. The most important thing it may affect the management procedure or may against audit compliance....To make it worse this top people just ignored my email and message regarding this issue since last friday. I called HR department see they still have not received any latest memo from my unit. What does that mean? They plan to totally ignore me?

If they do not want to consider what I have done, then PLEASE SAY SO...So I will try to accept it and move on. DO NOT ignore me. DO NOT give me silent treatment. Not only I feel dissapointed, I feel humiliated too. NOW what is THE MOST IMPORTANT is PLEASE RESPOND. That is why I am still thinking about it. I cant let it go.

Last nite, I sent message to the new one to do my  own investigation. But, he was on the way from outstation. Once he responded he told me that the management was talking behind my back and planned to ignore me. Seriously??? They really have no heart....Luckily it was only a dream 😅😅😅.
You see termimpi-mimpi 😂😂😂. Hoping that the dream will not becomes the reality..I am still hoping and praying for the best.... is what I gonna do. I will wait till next week. If still there is not update I will talk with the employee association and ask for his opinion...I will fight for my right if there still any opportunity and space to do it....Then, I will stop, accept it and be in hibernation mode.

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