Sunday, August 27, 2017

When my prayer is answered

On friday morning I sent the notice of action to the management office.
Unfortunately the officer did not read the letter properly
Anyway she told me again that the second party accused her of trying to theatened him yesterday. He used to be the big boss...He did not want to pay anything. But what about the cost that I have to bare for example the fuel to come back and forth there? She added in that she told him whatever happened not only become a financial loss to me but it will affect his property as well. The management will make the inspection and if relevant they will bear the costs. It seems her words made sense to the second party. The second party told her that they can made the inspection when his tenant his available. Currently he is at the main office. But refused to give his phone number. I smell something fishy. I know that based on his workplace he suppose to be around here not at the main office. Anyway, they have to tell me earlier for any arrangement since I have work commitment as well. Luckily this place is just around 5 minutes from my workplace.

Anyway the officer and the maintenance worker made inspection to my property. Definitely the source of  the damage came from the second party's property. The officer went to second party properties...Guess what? the tenant is there. But he is not the one who pay the rent. As what I suspected earlier they are working around here.

However suddenly the officer said that all these supposed to be settled by me and the second party. 😠😠😠.  They cant do anything. The officer said normally it is easy to negotiate and be settled. But yeap....except this second party 😅😅. I should find someone to negotiate with him. Hello...please  read my notice...the management should take action as well. The maintenance worker claimed that he can repair the damage from my property. is only temporary solution. After all Why should I bare the cost which not came from my property? He said the damage is not that bad compared to other property where there was water are the maintenance worker...dont you know that in the long run the condition will getting worse????

The officer kept on saying they cant do anything. I kept on reminding her to read my notice. If no one wants to cooperate then I will forward this issue to COB, tribunal and final one to court. You see I dont want to make it difficult but if people kept on could not be bothered then I should take further action. You see I am totally alone to face and fight all these. We are Malay, we are can people treat me like this. The second party is a senior he can he treat someone daughter like this? does he believe in kifarah? Anyway Alhamdulillah the officer will contact the second party again.

Around 5.15pm I got a phone call from a lady. She said that her husband wants to talk with me. He asked whether the his tenant has came to made the inspection or not. Definitely not. To my surprise he said that he will bear the costs.

Then, the management contact me to come to office right away since the tenant is there to inspect the damage. But at that moment I was having discussion with my customer. Luckily they agree to wait for 20 mins.

So...finally he made the inspection.
Guess what......
this issue is something to do with his line of work
What a bless....
Alhamdulillah...he definitely the right person to make the inspection.
What is the verdict???
Actually the damage came from two source...
## from the second party's property
## the outside source
Therefore he gonna talk with both related party
## the second party
## the manager
Hopefully they can repair all damages ASAP
He claimed that the damage from the second party's property can be done within a week. Luckily he is staying there.

Allah listened to my dua
Allah answered my dua
I am so grateful....

I learnt something from this
#Keep making effort
#Keep making dua
#If you cant pray then do zikr
Ya AZIZ ya JABBAR ya Mutakabbir
My friend added in ...
Dont ever forget ...the power of sincere intention

That nite...I did the 20 episodes marathon of  moon embracing the sun...
But not the complete episode...
Just skip here and there...

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