Monday, August 7, 2017

Left group

On saturday
When the new one is having a rest
When the representative spending her time with her family
I have to check a document
Made my comments
Gave suggestions for further actions
Attached relevant documents for reference
Even searched material from the internet for them

On sunday
I spent the entire afternoon to clear my office
Prepared 2 plan package for customer at night
Both in BM and English version
And guess what was the comment from the second boss?
He wanted me to name people to update the first document.
Why me?

I done so many things for the sake of my unit
But what the new one and representative did?
Take advantage on me?
I have to be firmed
So I listed what I have done
and listed things to do for them
Hope them understand
I may sound unsincere and look very calculative...
But at least I have done my part
And I know that I did not get credit and paid for the things that I did not do....
If people did not treat me badly I am sure that I won't be talk and act ike this....

Today I had my final says with the whatsapp group
To thank and apologise for everything
And hey look who would reply?
The third boss the first who did so
Followed by the second boss
Ok leave it for a while
 I had meeting with customers at 11am
When I checked my messages
The boss did not say anything to me
The same goes to the officer
Not like what he did to the other colleague who are in the same position as me
He added the new one in the group
So why should I stay anymore
People do not need me anymore

Once back in my office
I could not hold my tears
I could not believe that people treated me up to that extend
Denying my right...
Did not reply my email about my right
Did not reply my private message
Not even gave response to my group message
The more I think about it
The more I sobbed
Till  i feel sick
Am I that bad???
Do not deserve anything ?
At least the pm from the boss to thank me for the so call excellent service calmed me a lil bit
But still no response for my right....

But I have to move on...
Tried to ignore it...
No matter how bad people treated me
I still have to do my duty to the best of my ability
Because that is me
Attended a meeting as representative at 2.30pm
Shared the infos with colleagues
Updated and released the third quarter year plan
Hoping for their understanding for the latest changes which are out of my control...
And definitely I left the office as the clock ticking to 7pm.....

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  1. obviously you're feels un appreciated and un happy at your workplace... find a new job. dont wate your time and talent