Thursday, January 27, 2011

Balik Kampung: second week

Actually, I typed this entry on the first week I came back to OZ, but since kemalasan tahap gaban untuk upload gambar, maka at last tonite here it is ;))

During my second week balik kampung on december last year, as mentioned in the previous entry I went to Mini Malaysia, Malacca and Malacca Zoo. If I'm not mistaken it was on 14 december. Eventhough, every body already know about Mini Malaysia, I think it is a must visit place to those who never been there or has not been there for a long time. Of course they have Malaysian traditional house such as Rumah Perlis,

Rumah Perak
Rumah NS
to name a few. You can see the difference of the architecture of the house inside out. For example, there is house with large verandah, kelantan house is the biggest, but does not has bedroom, house with attic and house that has kitchen in separate unit. When we went to Malacca house, they have 'bilik pengantin' where you can try the bridal attire and take photos with those hantaran (dowry).The most interesting is, you can buy and eat the famous traditional dish 'kuih buah Malaca' in the kitchen, not to mention the tepung gomak and kuih koci with gula melaka filling.

In fact tea is on the house. The lady was preparing 'buah Melaka' in the kitchen.

She said that sometimes she prepares lempeng kelapa(coconut pancake) and tapioca/ubi rebus cicah sambal bilis. It is good for tourist attraction and for local tourist which remind them of their chilhood. After eating session, you can enjoy the Malaysian multicultural show.

Then, we continued our journey to Malacca Zoo. What a good exercise to walk around the zoo instead of get on the tram. Here are a few photos in the Zoo.


Can you spot that? That orang utan is smoking
Where the heck he got that cigarette from ?
Hmm, of course from unconcerned and irresponsible visitor

After so much fun, but kind of tiring zoo trip, we were really starving hungry. Where should we eat? Well, if you want to try asam pedas Melaka you should go to this restaurant.

It located nearby Menara Taming Seri, at the second row of shop lot in front of that tower.
We ordered.................
and these.....Makan tak hingatkan, padahal hanya ada 3 adult, 3 children age 11, 3, 2. Gulai daging salai tuh as requested by 11 years old nephew. Dia ni selera cam org tua pulak hehehe. Udang tu awal2 lagi dia kebas 2 ekor, sepatutnya sekor sorang hahaha. In fact lepas tu dia ambil sekor lagi. Alhamdulillah, dapat jugak jumpa belimbing buluh yang aku idamkan since early 2009 or december 2008

Everything was cooked perfectly. We love all the food. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should ask the price of the food first before ordering or if you don't mind about the price, make sure you bring lots of cash. Want to know how much that we have to pay ? RM105.....what???
Yup, no kidding
So expensive? reasonable? depends on people.

Here's the list(approximately) :
Fried Prawn-4 =RM32
Masak lemak ketam -2=RM28
Asam pedas=RM12
Ikan bakar=RM15
Masak lemak daging salai=RM7
Telur dadar=RM2

Tokojut acik bilo nengok hargo udang tu sekor Rm8 and hargo kotam tuh RM14,
huh! kalau den tahu mesti den pilih udang paling bosar
That's another tip: after asking the price make sure you choose the largest prawn hahaha
Luckily, I paid for the food first before my sisters finished eating
My SIL really suprise to hear about the cost, so she said that we should finish all of the food
By hook of by crook we must do so hahahha
At last, nothing left hahahaha, but not as hingga ke titisan kuah terakhir lah only up to hingga ke cebisan daging or ikan yang terakhir ;))
Rugilah kalau makan tak habis dengan harga cekik darah tuh hahahha
Since, the food was really yummylicious, I think it worth paying, berbaloi jugaklah.

Then, we headed to Mahkota hotel (hotel n serviced apartment 1/2/3 bedrooms)

and have a rest for few hours.

Jangan percayalah dengan kekemasan katil tuh
Tak sanggup nak tunjuk keadaannya selepas itu hahhaha


  1. Hari tu akak malas masak, konon2 nak tapau lauk je. so akak pergi la ke kedai mamak, terkejut akak seekor udang (size lebih kurang macam dalam gambar tu) harganya rm6. Mak ai, boleh kira berapa banyak dia untung. Terus tak jadi beli. kat sini kalau ikan patin nak beli kena tanya harga betul2 sebab pernah kena bahagian isi yg tak sampai sejengkal tu harga dia RM18 seketul.

  2. akak pun makan kat restoran tu jugak masa gi bandar melaka....punya ramai org sampai tak ada tempat duduk..mmg regenya agak mahal sikit...tapi nasib baik sedap...geram nya tengok binatang2 tu fairy....eeee...