Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ikut kemampuanlah....

Sometimes when we got something extra
People thought that we are rich
They do not know how struggle we are
to get it
to pay for it monthly
facing the challenge to make it better
worrying about the cost

We do not ask for their opinion about what to do with that something
But they gave their opinion is good to make us realize other opportunities

They also shared about other people experience
This someone does not ask for any payment
He gives something for free and just ask them to provide a 'tuition' on something
It seems that he is doing charity for two parties.
Those in need of that something
And those who need knowledge

What they want me to do?
Do exactly like what he is doing?
Well....definitely I can't afford to do something like him...
Give something for free while I am the one who are struggling to pay for it?
He is the senior citizen
Someone with title
I am sure he has gotten his financial freedom
Banyak hutang 😅😅😅.

But it does mean that we cannot do any charity if we got financial commitment
I am sure all of us can do it at a small scale
I have done that
But I have to face challenges especially from the so called party who is in charge of those who will receive it
Nak buat kebajikan pun banyak pantang larang 😅😅

Everytime I attended the meeting they will remind me.
I am not sure about them
But do you want to give something that is not good for people in need???
If you do not want to help them
Then, please do not stop others from doing so.
Nak buat baik pun susah 😅😅😅😅

Whatever my intention is
People can suggest many choices
People can share many things
Bila kita luahkan pengalaman terdahulu
Senyap pulak..
Terasa ka????
Sentap ka 😂😂😂

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