Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ada apa pada title and credit???

Dulu ada younger customer kutuk I dalam FB kononnya I marah kalau tidak dipanggil dengan title Dr. Ouch...that was really annoying and embrassing statement. There is a difference between got angry and mentioned it properly. It is not about I am so proud of that hard earned title and really want to be called with that title. It is about addressing people properly when you have already known their title.

On sunday, I have to settle something for my new customer and that include dealing with other department. Yes I contacted them via email and cc the email to my boss as well. One of them is my old friend which whenever I meet her I call her kakak. I was not sure about her latest title and I did check in the just the same as previous one. She replied the email and demanded that my boss write a formal letter to them and ended the email with her name and new higher title....Yes that is her right. But I sent a formal email and address her title properly just as in the website. I just wonder why I can't send email to those who are now in higher position...and is it neccessary to highlight that new title. What made me upset is she is my friend, soft spoken and very kind... just like a sister to me. It was unexpected that she did that. Hmm...people can change. But yup...I know I should take it positively. She must had her own reason on doing that and she may not aware that her new title is still not updated in the website.

Tu isu title, ni isu taking kredit.
Kita yg buat FB group utk memudahkan komunikasi dengan customer, orang lain senang2 dapat nama. Dahla lansung tiada courtesy to  inform me first before omitting my name from the comittee. It was very obvious that you do not want to work with me that is why you ask me to quit previously. When I still have not quit, that is why you just drop my name without saying anything. I pun x hadap, I pun super busy dan memang nak quit cuma I nak do it properly when I meet the boss during the first meeting. Sometimes it was so dissapointing when a friend has no courtesy to tell you right from the start, when a staff just freely appoint other staffs to help her without informing you....It seems that they do not even respect me at all....Ok ok..I know respect to be earned not to be asked for...

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