Thursday, September 29, 2016

Melting in Korea ....

Oh! My Scarlet heart ....

Nowadays I am not really into Korean Drama Series but when I heard any good review I will just watch one episode and as expected got hooked with it 😂😂.
Lepas tu padan muka tertunggu-tunggu since it's only aired twice a week.

So to get more feeling  of "ke korea kita", let us watch Scarlet heart while having topokki ....

Taste so.....
Definitely cant be compared to Dubu-dubu 😅😅.
Planned to eat with my kimchi, unfortunately dah berkulat even I stored it in the fridge ...

I was really bz yesterday.

Attending a meeting
The chairperson kinda annoyed when people came late/no notice/no representative.

Back to my office to plan for early next year
Unfortunately there is something wrong with the system I cant retrieved any data

Getting annoyed and dissapointed when my colleague told me one of her customer repeated the same attitude/mistake again. Aduhai...tolonglah sedar diri...ko ingat ko orang kaya sangatkah????

Panic mode when another customer didnt appear for very important program. Hmm...they never learnt!!! Had to make a call here and there.

When we just disscuss work matter,
Colleague future plan ...
Sometimes we can sense something is very wrong
When we ask further
Yup....definitely it is personal problem
Try to lend my ears
Zip my mouth
I pray for you my dear friend
Be patient, be strong and hope everything goes smoothly
I dont understand why people wanna hurt my friend's feeling
Given a second chance
But yet repeat the same mistake again....
What else do u want?
Very kind, helpful, soft, pretty, educated and definitely an obedient muslimah....

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