Monday, April 24, 2017

My weekend

Should I say lazy Saturday
No exercise and house chores in the morning?
Anyway at nearly noon
I attended two events
The first event for our customer
The second event for future generation

I just dropped by a few minutes at the first even
What a wonderful remark by my second boss when she mentioned about my sacrification in attending the event knowing that my customer was not there.
Well...I came as a support...

I spent most of the time at the second event
It was very interesting events with many new knowledge and ideas.

I went to both events all by myself
If no one bother about me
So why I should bother about that?
Why I should make it as an obstacle?
Why should I feel sad or dissapointed?
Just go and enjoy it...

Later I had my favourite lasagna for lunch

Then, I had laksa for dinner....Nampak tu kepingan isi ikan

Definitely I had to take all these for my allergy.

On sunday off I went for brisk walking
Enjoy the view and the fresh morning air 😍😍

I had the leftover laksa for lunch
And leftover fritters during tea time...

Makan beria, tang exercise berat vontot

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