Sunday, November 11, 2018

Mood ke laut

Backdated post...

Hari khamis
Back to work
This time I bertolak lewat sikit
Sampai office around 10.15am
Kalut nak pi meeting with international delegation
Disangka sekejap...
Tapi rupanya lama 😅

Balik office...
Sedih tengok my almond bun dihurungi semut 😭...
Membazir je

No matter how my MOOD KE LAUT
I need to stay focus
And listed long list of things to do
Download my new planner
Send email to change appointment venue
Return the change to my colleague
Pay for the unit deco
Send email to edit my document
Pay for maintenance fee
Ask around for previous evaluation as guidance

On the afternoon discussion with my colleague
Regarding the briefing session on friday
As well as for our pair task

For dinner I had crispy omelete and leftover ayam kunyit...

On friday
I was late for the briefing session
Hmm...not many people
Either my colleagues or new customers

Once back to my office
I submitted my MC and october travelling claim
Reminded the long silent senior customer and the problematic junior customers for next appointment too

Here was my lunch

Around 3pm I had an appointment with my Indonesian customer
Other than her documents
She gave me dodol, lempuk durian and wajik 😍

Before going back
I managed to prepare an evaluation set for new customer and shared it with my task partner.

And later I cooked fried rice for dinner

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