Friday, October 18, 2019

Gila jawatan

Apa2 hal makan dulu.

Alhamdulillah ada orang sedekah nasi beraroma dan lauk yg mantap. Tak tahu nak makan ayam or masak lomak daging salai. So makan dua2 😂😂😂....

Ayam tu boleh makan dua kali
Daging tu boleh 5 kali kot 😂😂😂

Tu kisah hari Rabu...
Ni yg bestnya bila kita berkongsi
Baru hari selasa I beri gorpis pada bebudak dan rakan yg terserempak...
Alih2 Rabu dapat terima pemberian juga
Perasaannya bila menerima tu memang lain
Happy, syukur, rasa dihargai dan diingati...

Minggu ni memang macam2...
Struggling chasing the deadline
Meeting for a competition
Rejecting appointment due to my packed schedule
Listening to various version of stories...
Sometimes I just listened
Sometimes I just gave opinion

The thing is....
Certain people really do not want any top position
They will try in any possible ways to reject it
Certain people also do not want it
But at the end they have to accept it
Certain people really want it
Even though they did not perform while they got the chance
They are willing to go thru all the struggle and stress all over again just for the sake of that position and low allowance 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
They even have plan for second chance 😅
Certain people we did not expect they gonna get that
But due to favouritism he got it 😅.
To our surprise he accepted it and have already making plan even though there is still no official announcement yet
Seriously ????
Wonder why the experience one looking forward for this position?
They have already got higher position
So why come back to lower position?
Is it for the hidden better benefit?
As what they did at their previous position
Being selfish whenever there is extra money opportunity?
Or is it because they wanna help us and build whatever have been ruined by the current one
So just wait and see
Think positive...
Really hope for change....the good one

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