Thursday, March 19, 2020

Don't simply judge and accuse people !!!

Hello peeps

Yes those people who balik kampung
for "saja nak cuti-cuti"
"nak berehat dan bertenang di samping ayah bonda"
are really SELFISH
However please do not just simply judge, accuse and make nasty remarks to EVERYONE who balik kampung
You are not in their shoes
You never know maybe one day you will be in their shoes
Instead, why don't you pray for them
For example those who have to balik kamping
due to unforeseen circumstances
How about to look after for their sick parents?
How about students who were instructed to leave the hostel?
How about those covid19 front lines who in need for their family to look after their children?

Yes those who seemed to buy a lot
seemed in panic buying frenzy
and again selfish
But do we ask them?
May be they do so for their relatives/neighbours
who has no transport
who has financial difficulty
who are again covid19 front lines family
Or may be he is the supermarket staff like the viral post in FB 😅

Ok enough of ranting
I just wanna share my experience to KPJ today
I did not know that the main entrance is closed
And the visitors have to use the new building entrance
Luckily the driver of the buggy told me and drove me to there
Seram juga lalu di tepi covid19 screening tent

Once arrived at the foyer
I have to queue
One staff asked my intention there
Another staff check my temperature
Another staff asked for my ID card and phone number
As well as whether I have in contact with covid19 patient,
Whether I recently came back from overseas
Or in contact with those who came back from overseas
And Whether I have fever
Finally at the entrance another  staff asked me to sanitize my hand
I saw hand sanitizer everywhere
Be it at the customer service counter,
Outside the elevator
On the specialist clinic counter
On the specialist table
On the speacilist sink

At first I am ok with the ear endoscopy procedure
But quite scary when the specialist do the nasal endoscopy procedure
I hardly breath 😅

When I went to the pharmacy
I'm impressed with the distance tag on the seat
But I am not happy with the medicine bill 😅
Here they are ....

Then, I went for mask and hand sanitizer hunting
Out of stock at Watson

As I was queing at AEON
I saw a notice
Hand sanitizer is available at customer service counter
For customer to use or buy?
Definitely to buy
But Two bottles limit at AEON

No stock at Wellness pharmacy

No limit buying at Caring

No limit buying at Guardian
The just arrived hand sanitizer

But I hate the smell 😅

May Allah protect us from Covid19
May this pandemic ends soon

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  1. Taqobbalallahu minna waminkum. Salam Aidil Fitri.

    Take care. Stay healthy. Stay strong. Stay safe ya