Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Journal makan+keja+etc...long entry huh.

Eventhough I sleep early last nite and of course I had enough sleep but kind of malas2 manja to wake up. However, I managed to cook this vegies+egg tortilla at 8.15 this morning.
Then, meredah hujan…hehe gerimis je pi tunggu bas. While crossing the main road, I saw the bus stopped at the traffic lights. So, I have to run about 300m to catch the bus at the bus stop nearby the beach. Luckily, I arrived at the bus stop just few seconds before the bus came. Exhausted, breathless ...positively what a good exercise hehe.
Note: Percayalah..entri bewarna biru amat bosan n kapla penin jika membacanya. Sila abaikan. I just type it as a reminder coz quite lazy to write in my research log book.
Dunno why I’m so sleepy that I have to make a cuppa tea. This is my second time making tea at office in the morning...opps the first time for green tea. Then at 11.40 am, I went to see my co-spv to discuss about the draft of my paper that I sent to her via email yesterday. She said that she still has not read it yet coz she was sick last nite. So, I just said that it’s ok since I still need to modify it. So maybe we can discuss it tomorrow. She asked about the figure whether I draw it. I told her that I got it from the internet and modified it. She also asked that do I need to compare my result with the result from this author, A. She said that she don’t like him hehe…As I’m about to leave suddenly she said that “I read it now and we can discuss this afternoon.”
So, at 1.20pm she came and ask me to come to her room for discussion. From highly spirited to flat tyre ...why ?????
  1. My comparison about the type of the structure has no meaning coz I used continuum approximation. So, my conclusion about the result is wrong
  2. I should write more in the abstract such as about application before telling what I do.
  3. I should write more about the motivation of my work and its significant (Yes..I do something, so what she said). Hmm..meaning that I should mention the purpose/goal of this study too.
  4. No need to make a subtitle for comparison
  5. My graph is enough, but I must make my paper exciting. Explain more.
  6. Check my figure, differentiate lines.
  7. Compare with this particular literature B. ( But, my result totally different compared to B, while I got the same result with A. Camno tuh?)
  8. I should write proper word in the substitle instead of using symbol
  9. I’ll look at it again…maybe you should extend this result..that’s what she said.
  10. You done well….is it ? or just to make me feel at ease.
Camno tuh 9 ayat pedih vs 1 ayat relieve huhu……….
Walaupun merudum jatuh semangat ku....tapi ku tetap pulun mencari artikel dari journal yang berkaitan...
Maka tidak hairanlah, terkeluarnya catatan ku di hari ini.
Apa2 pun life goes on..phd life is like roller coaster..
sometimes we are at the peak sometimes we are at the bottom. No matter what I have to keep going. Try to think something nice..something good…
So let’s see what make me happy last weekend….
On Saturday nite, we have this
earth hour campaign...so lights off.
Opps actually these pics are taken last year. Love it...
On Sunday I went out and bought these bakewares....
Beli je, tak tau nak buat apa. Semangat je beli piping beg, buat cream pun tak pernah haha. Brush is a must. Yeap, silicone brush. Tak berani nak beli bristle brush sesuka hati. Last two weeks I almost buy this wild boar bristle brush. Thought it’s synthetic bristle. Luckily I read the label first. What? Bulu khinzir jantan????. Then, sunday nite finally I watched the last episode of Winter Sonata…not in Khmer/thai language but in Korean language and of course with English subtitle.
One funny thing is there is a commenter in youtube asked if Jun Sang is blind why he is wearing the glasses..hmm that make me wonder too … I think it’s normal to see blind people wearing sun glasses
but not regular glasses…
Yesterday I didn’t go to uni, I just did my work in my home. Before that, I have this very yummy breakfast….cheese+tomatoes sandwich.
I just toast the bread in the pan, kind of lazy to preheat the oven first.
It’s taste good when the cheese is about to melt like this….
In the afternoon I had baked chicken and salad-carot+capsicum+plum.
Easy rite..you can do something else while baking the chicken. And for dinner I had one epal+this snack..kepok udang+kepok belinja.
Banyak lantak kot, sesudahnya tekak perit pagi tadi huhuhu. And for dinner tonite, I just reheat the baked chicken, leftover from yesterday and cecampak je terung/carot/capsicum/tomat dalam pan yg sama+ kicap sikit. Oklah..asalkan boleh telan hehe...hu….


  1. Salam Fairy,
    akak ni dari dulu dok guessing Fairy kat Aus belajar apa. Rupanya buat PhD ke?

  2. kak aidah, la saya ingatkan akak dah tau hehehe...maklum le saya kan selalu merapu kat blog ni