Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aku terbang lagi

I flew off to Adelaide again last week

NO! No! NO!!!!!!!!! Not by that airplane. The below one of course ;))

Definitely not for holidays lah, for conference of course :P. Alhamdulillah I safely arrived at Adelaide airport around 4.10pm.
You know what, I only knew that my spv was in the same flight with me when my friend told me about it. My spv told me that if she knew that we are in the same flight she can pick me up at my home and we can go together to the airport. Well, I planned to tell my spv about my flight unfortunetaly I didn't get the opportunity to meet her and in fact couldn't send her email due to my office pc was still in the workshop. Anyway, we shared the cab to Glenelg, the beach in South Australia which is about 30-40 minutes from Adelaide.
Here are several random photos of the beautiful and clean Glenelg beach during sunset

What a fascinating view of the sand formation with rippling effect during sunset

The jetty
From the jetty or beach you may see the town hall, the Pioneers memorial and Stamford Grand HotelThe close up of the memorial and the Town Hall

Here is the Moseley Square during night

and in daylight.

Moseley square from different view

Note that, we can get on the tram from here to Adelaide for aud4:60 during nite and aud2:80 during certain hourFew more pics during daylight of the beach from left,

the park from left,
the jetty,

the beach again,
another view of the jetty from the right

and the park
and the close up of the memorial.
What else do we have in Glenelg other than all that????

What is that??? Colley Reserve,
again it is a park.
Then, you may see Rotunda (from wikipedia: is any building with a circular ground plan, often covered by a dome)
Eh!!! Aku nampak macam gazebo or pergolas je hahaha........ samalah kan kan kan ;)). Tak kisahlah yang penting boleh nampak awek seksi opppppppppsssssssssssssssssss
Nampak lauuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttttttt, tershasul pulak tadi :P

The Beach house theme park

At first me and my office mate planned to stay in Stamford Grand hotel for which the rate is aud152 per night for one room with 3 guest.

But my Chinese friend preferred the apartment with two bedrooms because she don't want to be disturb while we are praying. Hehehe macamlah kami buat bising semasa berwudhuk dan solat. Never mind, we just have to tolerate with others :). So, we chosed Oaks Liberty towers which is aud239 pernight. We really love this two levels apartment. See for yourself the comfy it offers :)

The living hall
The dining room and kitchen

Jacuzi at the first level's balcony

Bedroom 1 that also has tv

Bedroom 2
This apartment also has two washing machines in the upstairs bathroom. Tapi maleh pulak den nak basuh baju hahaha.

The temperature reached up to 41.9 deg C, the second day I was there. Again, it was so hot and you can feel the heat wave biting/pining on your skin. Well of course I need an ice cream to mend the pain from sizzling hot weather selain memuaskan keinginan tekak hahaha...........
Episod seterusnya, nantilah ya. Malas betul nak upload gambar ni...berkurun lama kurasakan nak upload al these pics. Kebetulan harini macam malas pulak nak pi uni. Punyalah aku bersemangat masak pasta with tuna for my lunch pack. Tetiba me and my housemate terkunci dari luar bilik gara2 mat salleh yang change our mattress pi kunci bilik kami pulak. Luckily, they were still here but in other unit when my housemate was looking for them. Maka dengan itu, berhibernasilah aku dirumah untuk menaip my programming code and running it sambil blogging, blogwalking, reading news and gossip ;)).

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