Monday, February 7, 2011

Blogging, weather, bla bla bla

I know that I've been neglecting this blog for quite some time,
My last post was on 28 Jan which actually are typed on the second week of January,
And of course yesterday post are typed on that week too,
Where was I for the third and fourth week of January????
Too busy? Too tired? Stress? No blogging mood? Couldn't write/type anything?????
Up and down mood? Hmm,,,,,,,,I'll tell you later

Speaking of up and down, I think I should mention about how strange is OZ weather
For nearly a week Sydney and its nearby area has been in sizzling mode due to the heatwave and it reached the highest temperature in 5 years up to 41:9 deg C last saturday
I felt like I was in the sauna in my room and once out of the house I couldn't stand it too when the heat pinning my skin and of course couldn't get sun tanned, but legam for my sensitive skin hehehe
And suddenly, it was windy and sometimes with strong wind yesterday and the temperature drastically dropped to 25 deg C
And guess what, for today the current temperature is 17 deg C, hmmm no wonder my blanket couldn't keep me warm this morning
What?????????? Cool weather in summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Should I take out my quilt then ?????
Don't complain too much, this is OZ, mate !!!!!!!!


  1. samo mcm kek mesia ni skang..rasa akak baru hujan lebat dalam dua tiga hari gaklah..tup..tup..terus paneh berdentung skang ni..sampai sakit perit kulit kita di buatnya..

  2. pelik betul perubahan cuaca yg sangat drastik ni kan, hish kesan global warming kah???