Friday, June 29, 2012

Don't get angry in the morning...

Di pagi hari sudah ada aura negatif. Hari Jumaat pulak tuh.............So please don't read this to avoid your positive vibrant get polluted.

I just want to express my grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr here....................
We got 3 main duty for house cleaning which are rubbish disposal, vacuuming and mopping and bathroom cleaning. Since there are 6 of us, so only 3 residents do their duty perweek. Firstweek: US, Kanda, Filipina. Second week : German, Me and Indian. Alkisahnya recently, our german housemate berkelana around Australia for 5 weeks, sorang lagi balik US for 2 weeks and Indian housemate memanjang je nak kena peringat her duty walaupun sudah ada schedule on the fridge. So now, our house cleaning duty jadi serabutlah. Last week kanda cadangkan hanya sorang on duty each week but only for throwing rubbish and vacuuming+mopping. But this week we both discuss 2 residents on duty per week, yelah macam banyak sangat nak buatkan. I was supposed to clean the bathroom last week. Since the bathroom seemed ok, so I opted to vacuum and mop the floor to replace my German housemate duty. So on Monday afternoon, I striked her name in duty schedule and wrote my name. But, just did that without doing my duty la...oppps. That nite I told kanda that I forgot to do the duty. Anyway, I have done my duty on Tuesday even though 2 days late hehehe.

Guess what, this morning while I was having my brekky, tetiba kanda cakap she will throw the rubbish this week and I'll do the vacuuming. So I told her I done that. Suddenly with her normal irritating tone she said "we have discussed that, you said you want to do the vacuuming".

Me: I replaced German hmate duty. In fact I wrote my name in the schedule.
She: Don't get angry in the morning.
Me: I didn't angry (walaupun mmg telah dan sedang cakap dengan nada yang bengang hehehe). You are the one who always have that tone of voice. (Wah puas hati akhirnya setelah hampir 3 tahun aku berjaya cakap terus terang dengan dia, pernah gak sindir2 tapi tak faham2)....
She : You didn't say that you will replace the German housemate.
Me :  Maybe you don't understand.

Wah gaduh in english you hehhee.....Philipino hmate terpinga-pinga hahahha. Tapi lepas tu dia cakap dia tak tahu pun I tengah marah until Kanda said it. Hah kan..aku dah cakap, aku bengang je ;)).....Actually, dulu Indian housemate pun pernah tegur her voice tone, siap cakap rude lagi. Malah while we was on the train from Central last month, she had a fight with our guy friend, again about the way she talks. No one is perfect. But it is really unfair when someone complains about you while that someone just do the same thing of what she is complaining.

update at 8.28pm :
Sound silly huh when matured people quarrel....

Tadi at around 6pm when I was in the kitchen and suddenly kanda came. I just ignored her. When she was about to leave, my 'morning anger' just melted away so I said "balik awal harini". At first I thought that she just wanted to leave and ignore me but suddenly she turned and say "nak settlekan something bla..bla.....". Then she talked about Iranian in other units who have to be separated in different units. So, bermulalah sesi ngumpat Iranian...Well, I guess we called a truce without apologizing hehehe....Sometimes it is better to let things to remain unexplained. Biasalah kehidupan berumahtangga ni :))...........

So you see, no matter what has happened she still need me to talk to hehehe. For example when she had another fight with that guy friend last week, later that guy asked me about it and said who else she wanna talk to. Recently she kinda closed with another guy friend. I don't know how this soft heart guy can cope with her. But he told us once that he just followed her because he felt sorry for her. But, if there are things that she doesn't like about him, she would complain to me. Who else want to be her listener? Sometimes me too in need of her hehehe............Do we complement each other? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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