Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yeay Maggi Australia halal...

Last 3 weeks kot, belek2 Maggi Instance Noodle in Woolies. Tiada logo halal tapi ternampak Made in Malaysia.

 Hmm..kalau dah made in Malaysia, logiknya halal la kan. Tak mungkin kilang Nestle di Malaysia tu ada bahagian halal dan tak halal. Better semua halal, walaupun utk pasaran eksport tiada logo halal.

So, on Sunday-20th May 2012, I contacted Nestle Malaysia :

Hi, I just wonder whether Maggi instance noodle made in Malaysia and sold in Australia for example in Woolworths is halal or not ? I know there is no halal logo but I just wonder whether the beef of chicken flavour is derived from halal meat since it made in Malaysia. Thanks in advance for your response.

Bila baca nih, macam kasar bunyinya pulak kan. Dahla grammar dan ayat tunggang langgang. Maybe due to that, Nestle Malaysia  has not replied my email until today.

Tiba-tiba on 29 May 2012, terfikir nak contact Nestle Australia. I asked the similar question as well as requested list of halal Nestle Product. I got the respond from them on Thursday 31th May. So here is the top part of the list. Please read carefully :)...

So yeay yeay yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.....OZ OZ OZ oi oi oi...........
Lepas ni tak perlu susah2 pi IGA ataupun LAKEMBA mencari Maggi hehehe.... 

Wah! Macam-macam flavour ada....

Eh...takde kari letup. Takde perisa tomyam...................
Bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada kan :)............

The corresponding officer also give me EXTRA information even though I didn't  have any query about that.

The sad thing is lepas ni tak boleh la makan si ular warna warni dan katak merah Allens.


"Thank you for your contact requesting information on our range of products.
We can confirm the attached list of products as at the date listed at the top of the list have been granted Halal status by the Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria Inc or the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc.  Please note that the information is correct at the date of issue however, due to constant changes and upgrades we make to our products, the information is subject to change at any time.  

Our ALLENS lollies and PETERS Ice Creams are not Halal certified due to the environment in which they are manufactured. However, depending on your individual requirements some products may be suitable for you:
- The gelatine used in our ALLENS products is halal (with the exception of WONKA Nerds Rope - pork is used).
- There are flavours in many of our products and as you may know, some contain alcohol as part of their carrier system - many of our ALLENS soft jelly lollies such as ALLENS Snakes Alive and ALLENS Frogs Alive and PETERS Ice Cream may contain trace amounts of alcohol in the final product as this is not totally lost during the manufacturing process.

 Our harder ALLENS lollies such as Minties, Kool Mints, Lifesavers and Lollipops do not contain alcohol. The exception to this is Kool Fruits, which may contain some alcohol in the flavour used in the coating. Our medicated products such as Soothers, Anticol and Butter-Menthol do not contain alcohol. If we can be of further assistance to you please call us on 1800 025 361 during business hours or email us at"

You can get the same info from

Alhamdulillah aku dilindungi Allah dari terus makan benda yang haram ini. Kali terakhir aku beli si ular tu during trip to Great Ocean Road on september last year. Ya Allah, please forgive me.

Actually aku dah lama tulis entri ni, tapi biasalah perap dalam draft coz lubang sana sini hehhee....Oklah nak pi city for grocery shopping and for sure cuci-cuci mata kat tempat lain hehhee.

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