Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When things fall apart...

I really hope that she returned that precious thing to me last Friday, as what she said on Wednesday last week. Then we can fill in the related form together this Monday. So, this Thursday or  Friday might be the day. Unfortunately, by Friday midnight last week I got nothing from her. Okay, be positive. Maybe, she need longer time together with high power magnifying glass to have a look at that precious thing.

I went to see her excitedly on Monday. She dropped a bombshell  by stating that she will return it bit by bit by this Friday.....yup this Friday. is the day? In fact, she will be on holidays for 2 weeks starting from 23rd December.

That form? Hmm...I did my part. She? know the answer.

End of last month I restarted my last project that I have been abandoning for so long. Since it is a very small project, so I have to figure out on how to extend or expand it. Then, I found a related article and planned to study the structure in that article. When I met her last 2 weeks, she asked me something about that article. So, I reread that article...hmm I can't employ that structure since its involving covalent bond........So, what can I do??? Previously she also suggested to me to investigate another configuration as what my senior has done before. She asked me about that yesterday and my answer was "I am trying " (even though I do nothing about it ;) ). Out of sudden "don't worry" came out of my mouth. She just smiled and uttered "I'm not worry, I am just asking"....Oppps..........

Anyway, only on Monday this week I managed to have a look at that new configuration. I couldn't just use my senior's model. Definitely, my work is more complicated due to the finite region and more trivial because my structures contains many types of atoms. All this while I have focused on my thesis writing, so I was struggling to start this project all over again. I got mental block even for very simple basic calculation............Either because I had too much of it or I was too upset with everything


This morning, I picked up certain part of that thing from my pigeon hole. Hmm ...not all in black and white, there are lots of red color too.

Due to all these, I have to change my plan :(....and contact here and there. That's mean it costs more money.


Not only that thing, my spv, my project, money that trouble me but also communicating with this certain people. Yup! The type of people who thinks that doing their job is like giving mercy to other people not as their responsibility or as their job's scope. Not only that, when I reluctant to give the copy of my ID, he think that I purposely didn't want to co-operate even though it is for my own sake, to ease my application. It is not about co-operation issue or being difficult whatsoever, this is about being careful for security reason. Who wants to just simply give the copy of her ID  without knowing with whom she is dealing with? Can you trust an anonymous who send an email to you and asked to get a copy of your ID? Didn't he has any courtesy to introduce himself first or at least write his name at the bottom of the email. And why still wanna use yahoo mail (plus nonhuman username) if they have company's email ?..To make matter worst, this rude fella kinda insinuated me that I am too dumb for the service booking. Come on!!!! definitely I know and understand about the implication of late booking. Do I have to tell him that I have done the booking by myself for so many times? And if I never had the experience before, it is common sense lah...So, what if it costs more money? Is it his money?

Update at 9.16pm: case closed

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