Friday, March 7, 2014

Age and Change

I don't want to think and even think about my age. Certain people may not sensitive about their age. But I DO sensitive about my age.That is why I really hate it when someone remind me of my age. Not only that, that someone told me that when we reach certain 'figure', it is hard for us to change. Really???? If that someone wants to, I can list a few examples for  her future reference. To change not only you have to do that one 'thing' but you have to change many things!!!!

DO NOT hurt someone's feeling
DO NOT talk bad about others
DO NOT spread family's shame
DO NOT assume that you are always the victim
DO NOT think that you are superior than others

Have you stop doing all that????
That are only tiny fraction of thousands.
Definitely I want to change to be a better person. But let me do it in my own way...change gradually...rather than drastically that may make me back to the old me. I know her intention is good. But do you think I want to listen to someone that I do not trust, do not respect and cannot be a good example.

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