Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jangan buat jahat

Semalam I was happy due to this email :

We are writing with our great pleasure to let you know that your manuscript is accepted for publishing by our journal ...... and our heartfelt appreciation for your intellectual contribution.

Unfortunately, I did something terrible this morning. I know it's wrong but I keep on doing that and definitely feeling regret. Then, rasa macam something might happen as a punishment to what I have done.

As predicted, I got bad news when I reached my office and read an email from my spv to the editor:

We have no idea that there is a cost associated with publishing in your journal. As such, we will have to withdraw our paper from your journal.

I am really disappointed with that news as well as angry with myself. To make matter worst, it was a double blow when later in the noon my unit clerk told me that my customer is not satisfied with my work and ask for recheck......Semestinya sakit hati dalam keadaan I yang dah serabut, selain menyusahkan dan membuang masa I yang tak tahu nak dahulukan tugas yang mana satu grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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