Friday, October 17, 2014

Rasa nak pergi JAUH

I feel like to go far far away..............
To the place where no one knows me
Let me be alone and do whatever I want.
After all here I am all alone and lonely.

I miss living in Australia
I miss my study life
Nothing to think except my study
Just put aside that housemate from 'hell'.

 I am tired of caring for people
They find me when they need something
They do not need me
 I am tired of thinking about OTHER people
Do they think about me when I am really need their understanding?

I am sick of listening to OTHER people
They just want me to lend my ears
They do not want to hear my problem

I feel really really small compared to others
Happy perfect family
Successful career
Financial free
Own several houses, shoplots and bussiness

Can I be heartless????
Hati kering la..........

Hmm ....what have I done????
Rambling nonsense due to hormonal imbalance????
What am I looking for?
Dunya or the hereafter?
Astaghfirullah .........