Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kulit stress...

Yes ... what a stressful week.
Hopping from workshop, appointment, meeting and meeting.
Dari rabu-Jumaat(10 feb-12feb)
Rabu-the busiest day. Hanya Tidur 3.5 jam.
Khamis-Jumaat: Keluar pagi, balik 10.30pm.
As a result I passed out yesterday...overslept till 10.45am.
However, today off I went to office.
Yes, working on Sunday....despite the sizzling hot office.
And yet, I couldnt finish my work even  I stayed until 6.30pm.

Balik makan KULIT dan menikmati jus tembikai.

As a consequence, now I am having shortbreath....
Serve me right huh....
Whatever it is I have to stay up tonite and

  •  prepare material for customer
  • Plan for june 2016 till april 2017.
  • Etc....

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