Thursday, April 28, 2016

Breakfasting menu: Day 1

I left office around 7pm and definitely too tired to cook. Luckily, Domino Delivery my savior...camno nak kuruih??? Tak sedar diri pi minum pepsi. Chet...tak sedar diri ada gastrik. Biasalah bila stress, nak makan....nak makan banyak.

As usual today was a nonstop work from 9am to 7pm. I sorted documents from morning to evening, but still couldnt finish it. However, I still need to do other tasks. In the morning, I had one hour discussion with colleagues about the fund for participants etc for our end of year program. They also suggested new activities for next month workshop. Then, I sent an email regarding that matter to the committee, followed by reminder for tommorow adhoc meeting and super junior customers'status in system.  I didnt even have a break during lunch hour and as a result I got migraine, stiff neck and shoulder pain. Next, I checked junior staff evaluation but need to remind them on certain items. Right after that meeting with my trainees...or should I say nagging...sleep during office hours, didnt do the correction as I asked them to, no common sense. Just wasting my time checking their task several time and sometimes act like their PA to remind them. But yet someone blaimed me it is all my unclear explanation. Hello, do I need to explain every single thing? They are not school children...whatever.  Only those who are working with them know how challenging and stressful it was. Well...these were only up to 3pm tasks. Tak kuasa nak recall and type even though it is good for memory practice.

Nak rehat jap sambil tonton recorded hlive inspiration. Really inspired to see Rosyam Nor and his farm ....taiwan markisa, sour sop and jackfruit. Tu tak masuk ternakan lembu dan biri2.

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