Monday, April 25, 2016

Dinner tak kurus

Konon nak jaga makan.
Tapi sebelum balik singgah membeli cik oblong

As usual what a hectic day....
Working nonstop and the only break was for zuhur n asar prayers.

Just for my notes.......

9.20am: called senior staff for document correction.
9.30am: contacted the consultant for problematic customer
9.30am -12pm : security issue meeting.
12++- prepared n sent email regarding customer award
2.20pm -made several call regarding sharing work load.
2.50pm-done with junior customer plan n evaluation for the next term
3.30pm-done with system checking n staff leave. Hmm...someone took extra leave than the entitlement and definitely burden me to prepare documents for the main office and HR department. Orang sesedap cuti, I sengsara.
4pm-done with junior customer monitoring report approval n reminder for colleagues
4.25-done checking n making correction for new program paper work
5.30-check and update next term plan for super junior and sent it to relevant party
5.50pm-my trainee need advice for her task
6.20pm-got confirmation from customer who no longer in need
6.40pm-done with updating the system for junior customers for next term
6.50pm-sent email to senior staff asking a favor to check translation
-several unanwered call n message to my problematic customer.
7pm-balik la....

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