Sunday, February 19, 2017

Avocado for brekky ...

Pagi tadi semangat waja
7.30 pi brisk walk for 3 round
Balik sapu porch
Then had brekky....

Guess what...this brekky really fullfilling. I really love super creamy avocado...
just eat like that or as guacomole

Then definitely I have to push myself to do house chores. Sawang byk. Penyapunya dah beli. Tapi idok le larat today. I am still down with flu but I am trying not to think about it. So in between doing house chores I watched tv or updating this blog. Dapur tu asyik sepah le. Padahal bukan masak pun 😉😂😂 dan semalam dah kemas. Luckily harini kuat semangat nak hand washing my clothes 😂😂😂...selalu kumpul 1-2 weeks 😁😁😁. Eleh...tenyeh2 dan celup2 je..

Kerja ofis byk. Nak pi ofis tak larat today
Semalam lewat pi ofis
I have to tidy up/clean my super mesy and dusty house
Yes sometimes I go to office on saturday
But I can only stand for 1 hour only yesterday
It was so hot and that made me got headache
So I just packed my things
And off I went for lunch 😂

Stopped by at the furniture shop
I was looking for a small sofa like this

But the taukeh was busy with another customer. So I  just left without asking the price.

Then pi beli barang dapur dan buah.

Memang dah lama teringin nak makan avocado dan dragon fruit. Lately cari di pasar tiada ...hmm biasa senang je cari.

Last night I should updating very important document for a program that need approval. Unfortunately, my body said no and my eyes did not co-operate as well. I was not sleepy but everything was blur....So I just watched Cooties. However, I managed to force myself  to check my customers' work while watching Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 😅😅😅.

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