Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Allergic macam retis....

I had keli sambal+rice for lunch yesterday
Peanut choc nips as snack
Then I had ayam goreng kunyit for dinner last nite

Pagi ni bangun tidor
I got itchy, brittle and swollen lips and redness rash around my lips 😭😭😭
So how did it happen???
My allergic tablets are out of stock
I guess there is something wrong with the chicken
Not due to hint of belacan in keli sambal.

Recently si Nabila Huda alahan terhadap bhn kimia dlm udang
In my case mungkin juga ada sesuatu dalam ayam tu. Yelah kadang2 I makan ok. Kadang2 ko.
Macam my friend cakap her sister is allergic to unfresh chicken....

So...kurangkan membeli di luar ya...

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