Sunday, January 29, 2017

Everyday is a Good Day

Hello everyone...
Cuti 3 hari mu buat gapo??
Saturday is a fun day
An active day....
eating, watching tv...
Eating, resting
Eating, watching tv
Eating, sleeping
Repetitively 😅😅😅😅

Who says watching tv does not has any benefit?
 You see I learnt new word from watching spelling bee 😂😂😂
Haphazard...ever heard of it?
It was fun watching children controlling their nervous and tension while spelling
And their trick when delaying to answer
It was touching to see their positive attitude when supporting their group member or opponents...
In addition...
The interesting title in this post comes from Fixer Upper program 😅😅😅....

Anyway...other than that full of activities
I cooked as well
My dinner last nite

My brekky this morning

They are all from Giant 😅😅😅.

Idok le semua masak frozen/marinated food je.
For lunch today I cooked an express menu ...

beancurd +veges soup and sunny side egg in soy souce 😅😅.
Actually nk goreng bilis, tapi cepat nau naik allergic symptoms dan lutut pun sakit...makcik gout kot 😅😅

Today in between watching tv I spring cleaned and clear my kitchen as well. Kemas 30 minit, rehat 2 jam 😂😂😂. Dok mengemas dapur yg hanya diguna utk masak setakat 24 kali setahun pun nak nangis 😭😭😭. I memang kagumlah dengan mak2 yg masak hari2 and dapur dia bersih dan kemas.

Psst... I did sewing too

Well....what choice do I have?
When my waist is in L size but my leg is short 😅😅
Yang penting be grateful

Guess what..
This morning when I woke up
I was so excited to go out for a brisk walk
Unfortunately I can't pull up my ankle zipped and cuffed track pant
It cant past over my hips and butt😱😱😱
Well...definitely it was funny is a serious warning 😭😭😭.
Tu yg kena exercise...
Tapi ada halangan pulak 😭😭😭

That is why I opted for the track pants without cuffed and after all the material is so comfy
Unfortunately it is too long
Yes, last time I just folded it..but it kept on rolling down
I even use safety pin...but it still rolling down
That is why I need to sew the folded part
Unfortunately it took more than 30minutes to do so that finally I have to cancel my plan to brisk walk
Nak brisk walk apanya dah 8.30am?
Mentari dah terik memancar
Panas tu satu hal lah
Tapi pancaran tajam pinning my skin yg tak tahan
Pulak tu...kena beware
My pigmentation getting worse
Dah tak jaga muka
Malam pun tak pakai skin care 😰.

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