Monday, January 16, 2017

Series of unfortunate event

Last friday many things happened
I can still cope with two appointments
in the morning and afternoon
But not dealing with so many rejections in one day

The boss rejected my data
Not for one part but two parts
When I was struggling in updating the data
I found out that my application for saturday transport was rejected
When I checked my emails
I got responses that the relevant parties can't changed my affiliation
By that time I was already late to withdraw my money in the city
But I need the money
While I was driving to the city
I can't hold my tears any longer
It kept on streaming down my cheek
When I was stopping at the traffic light
I even sobbed 😭😭😭

When I was at the city
It was already dark
Unfortunately there was problem with my car
I was clue cless
Just got in and out of my car for several times
I cant make a call to anyone for help
It was maghrib prayer time
My phone battery is one bar left
When my car seems a bit ok
I just tried my luck by driving my car to the nearest  workshop
But the mechanic was having his dinner
That I have to wait for more than 15 minutes
Unfortunately later he did not want to check my car
Due to the so called reason my car seems ok 😠
What choice do I have?
Just drove back home

In a haste to get home
In my unstable condition
While my mind is somewhere else
In the dark night
I saw two lights from 2/3 cars at the road side
Alhamdulillah I did not drive fast
And I was able to see two car bumpers scattered on the middle of the road
And I managed to avoid it by driving to the right side
Only to be left shocked to see a dead body of something
Until today I did not know what it was

When I reached home
I could not think
I was to stress
I even got migraine attack
When the person in charge for the saturday transport blamed me
I have already provided all required documents.
My condition became worse
When certain people who need my help and cooperation
Treat me like a beggar
They need me
But they didnt give detail infos
They didnt provide transport
They even gave ridiculous suggestion
Dragging my heavy luggage and laptop on the train?
You are still a trainee
Is this how you treat 'somebody'?
Not that I am bragging with my title and position
Not even to look down on people
But this is about attitude and manners
About how to treat people properly and nicely...
We will see
How far will you go with that kind of attitude?

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