Sunday, January 8, 2017

Rolled oat

Yes...I prefer rolled oat compared to instant oat.
Campur low fat yogurt, chia seed, raisins, almond flakes and walnuts.

Then only I pour low fat milk...
Well that was my brekky this morning while watching Diva: stranger in  my house.

Then nk buat segala yg sepatut di buat semalam.
Suppose pi office today.
Tapi i sakit perut 😅.
Tulah org mkn slimming pil, suppose digestive system ok and membuang hari2.
Yg I pulak dah hari ke3 baru nak mbuang.
So siksa memulas ler.
Nampak sangat I tak minum byk air kan.
So how  to lose weight?

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