Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Once a while

Even though
I do not like certain program
I do not like to work under pressure
I do not like working with pushy boss
I do not like the inconsiderate and rude organiser

But there is something good behind it
I managed to see the positive side
I was motivated to see how confident
and how good people are in delivering something
especially when they did that spontaneously
I met new people
I have a long chat with certain friends that I have not met for several years...
One of my close friend said that " biar berkembang sikit"

Yes exactly....
Sometimes I need to get out of my small circle
Find the value of knowing new people
Appreciate on how they help us even though that were the first time we met
Enjoy our Smiling and greeting each other moment
Either in the program, at the hall way, at the dining table even in the elevator ....

Well...below were part of my weekend memories
From the dawn till night ....

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